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Null: A Pulp Cthulhu Sourcebook $9.99
Publisher: Chaosium
by Emma D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/21/2020 14:24:41

JP has come up with a thrilling setting that effortlessly blends lovecraftian horror with hard sci-fi. The factions are a standout: what better way to accuntuate cosmic horror than with a corrupt mechantile bureaucracy? I also love the mechanics for radiation sickness and space travel. It's a great way to inject some further, more mundane paranoia. I greatly enjoyed testing out the included scenario. It's a great introduction to how the mythos plays into this setting, as well as giving players a challenge to figure out the mystery and stay alive long enough to get home. JP does a great job giving the keeper enough information to easily run scenario without railroading players and still remaining flexible. I had an absolute blast trying this out and am looking forward to playing around in this world further.

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Null: A Pulp Cthulhu Sourcebook
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