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Null: A Pulp Cthulhu Sourcebook $9.99
Publisher: Chaosium
by Casey K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/20/2020 17:49:05

Null isn't the first to propose "Cthulhu in Space!", but I have to say it is the one that has actually got me thinking about running a near future game. Creator JP Stephens has built a future that is general enough that any Keeper can drop in whatever they would like, and specific enough that bits of lore can be dropped casually to give the solar system a feeling of existence beyond what the investigators are currently experiencing. As I read through the different write ups of the locations and factions, my brain kept burning with ideas for scenarios that would benefit from the unique set pieces or inter/intra faction drama.

Presenting the material for use with the Pulp variant of CoC is fantastic, and really gives the game and "heroes" a unique flavor. It is well suited for one-shot play, but I feel it will shine in a longer form campaign. The product comes with a sample scenario "Ring of Fire", which does a nice job of introducing the players to the ideas at play in Null. I like the scenario as a one-shot, but feel it would fit better nearer the end of a longer campaign, as it drops some very major Mythos into the heroes' laps. Creator JP Stephens plans to support his setting with more scenarios, but in the meantime, I'm going to get to writing, or even shoehorning in some existing scenarios (Stygian Fox's "Salo's Glory" and "Time After Time" from Strange Aeons II come to mind) and ideas from the Icarus micro setting.

Great stuff! Would play, would run!

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Null: A Pulp Cthulhu Sourcebook
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