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Under the Rose $0.00
Publisher: White Wolf
by Kris S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/11/2011 14:24:24

I got this product and a Pathfinder sample adventure on the same day, and they're very different. Where the PFRPG scenario was basically a list of rooms and what monsters and items are in each, "Under the Rose" is more a list of cool things to put in an adventure. In a way that's bad, because there's no map or official series of encounters. But if you can use your imagination as a GM, you'll find some impressive ideas for spectacle, wonder and challenge for an adventure.

The trouble with this scenario is that it's a terrible intro to Exalted. You'll have no idea what's going on if you haven't read the game's convoluted backstory, and won't appreciate the importance of this incredibly powerful fortress you're raiding. And since the premise is that you're going there to take advantage of a massive terrorist attack (!) before the villain arrives, there's no time to actually use the cool stuff in the facility. Eg. there's a great library of war manned by reverent spirits, but you have no time to study.

This product would be most useful if you're already familiar with Exalted and want to use the Imperial Manse as part of a longer adventure culminating in the heroes taking it over. Otherwise, what's the point for giving detailed mass combat stats for the legions of elementals that the palace can launch to "rain unimaginable destruction on any or all points in Creation simultaneously"? It's all very over the top, but that's normal for Exalted. If you want an introductory adventure, try a fan-made work like "Forgotten Suns". But if you want a list of cool things to put into any RPG, you'll find that here. And you can't beat the price!

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Under the Rose
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