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Star Trek Adventures: The Klingon Empire Gamemaster Toolkit $19.99
Publisher: Modiphius
by kristine y. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/28/2020 12:46:14

This is a very helpful gm screen if you are going to run any star trek rpg game but will very helpful with running a Klingon focused game. The kit comes with several game hand outs focused on different ship positions and what a pc can do in each ship position game mechanic wise. These can be used in any time period. The cover art is up to the normal standards of other star trek products. The gm screen is well organized and easy to read. The font style and page layout is easy to read and easy on the printer if you print any pages out. There is alot of yellow and gold usage which for some in my group was a little difficult for them to read. Page backgrounds were white so its easy on the print cartiage.
The kit comes with two maps of the empire. both are full color. The first is a map of the full empire as of 2371. All of the lettering is in Klingon only with no other governemnts on it but the second map as reference you which areas the UFP ad Romulans are. The second map is from a old star trek book called star charts I think. This map covers only the part of the empire bording the UPF and Romulans. The star systems are all labeld in english an well detailed. The maps are both very good and helpful. A few things would have made the maps more useful. First, if the first map of the empire also included the systems names not only in Klingon but also in english though emerson might have been lost. Second, if the second map also included the chart pages for the rest of the empire away from the UFP border. Third, if the area for the living campaign had been on the map. If it is I missed it. Is this product worth getting? The ship position pages and the gm screen are very easy to use and are well done. The maps are excellent despite what I said. The new corebook might address the issues I have mentioned but my copy is not here yet. The adventure is good and not a klingons shoot first and shoot again mission. Yes I think this kit is worth buying and would recommend it .

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Star Trek Adventures: The Klingon Empire Gamemaster Toolkit
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