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Monsters of the City $16.95
Publisher: Cawood Publishing
by Jeffrey R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/17/2020 15:42:00

I can't recall any of my groups not entering a city at some point. I do remember stumbling around, trying to come up with NPC’s and unique villains on the fly.

This book opens up to a realm of city types, from Dwarf Ambassadors to Sewer Trolls. Everything you ever needed to design and create dynamic city adventures filled with bundles of merciless villains.

Even if you don’t run a lot of city adventures you will still find this tome has a host of nasties to thwart even the most experienced players. For those of you that run city style campaigns you will have an endless supply of adventure hooks, some of which are included on a table to use that will breath life into your worlds. You will also be rewarded with a few tables for City Events, Encounters and Locations.

The art is amazing and Travis Hanson delivers once again with his vibrant comical style. The writing is filled with humour and was an absolute joy to read. Included within the pages are two new Character Subclasses. The Cleric Domain of Truth and the Paladin Order of the Heart.

I can’t recommend this enough as a must have for your collection.

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Monsters of the City
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