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Mörk Borg English $14.99 $13.49
Publisher: Free League Publishing
by Gus L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/16/2020 14:31:21

It's certianly lovely, a piece of inspiration design, and the world building is very effective for creating a crapsack world riven with black magic suspended above the flames of damnation by a single thread cluthced in a demonic claw. As a system it's a fairly standard ultralight with its roots in early D&D - like Knave, ITO, Black Hack, Maze Rats etc. Mork Borg is even a decent one, and if one is wedded to that playstyle it supplies evocative imagery, tables and detail to fuel improvisational play. It also lacks meaningful spatial exploration and dungeon crawl mechanics - like most of its class of game - which means that Mork Borg may sometimes emulate a classic dungeon crawl game, but will tend towards encounter and scene based play simialr to modern editions of D&D with far less tactical combat. It may not be the right thing for my preferred play style, but its certianly worthwhile and stylish!

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Mörk Borg English
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