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Monsters of the City $16.95
Publisher: Cawood Publishing
by Jeremy E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/16/2020 14:35:39

Monsters of the City is a top-notch book of interesting creatures and NPCs (as are the other two monster books by the same team) but it's also so much more. There are new themed subclasses and event & encounter tables. As well as the always helpful list of the creatures by CR and by type. But what makes this product stand out to me is how useful it as an idea/encounter generator of its own. The NPCs and monsters are so interesting that just taking a random one and using it as an encounter on the road or as a small-town villain or character for the players to interact with is worth the price. Flip to a page and grab one of the creatures and you'll have a memorable encounter-not just another goblin or cuthroat to use. The art really set the bar so high too with each creature getting a beautiful color design that showcases how cool and unique they are. Awesome stuff!

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Monsters of the City
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