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The Dare $14.99
Publisher: Sentinel Hill Press
by Rich O. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/25/2020 08:00:52

First off, this is both well thought out and scary. The 'kid friendly' (ha) rules are right on the money. Simplified skills and mechanisms for playing 11 year olds. It really lets you get into the theme and the story. Premade characters are great and let you get right into it.

I had couple of minor quibles and I only post them here incase the designer decides to ever do an update. The graphic design of the module is inconsistent. Everything outside and the ground floor is clearly marked. Rooms have big text saying what it is. But when you go downstairs, it's all just kind of mashed together. That made it had to move around. Also, the maps were placed in the middle of the room descriptions, which again made it hard to find stuff.

Without spoilers - some of the combat info is confusing. Damage of 1d3-2 seems like a weird formula. One creature has a dodge of 45 in one part of the text and 85 in another. The kid rules of 'you both roll an attack, and whoever has a better success does damage' is good, but there is challenge that doesn't seem to have a physical attack, so you kind of have to wing it.

The maps are fine, but they are just a floor plan. It would be great to have actual maps (with furniture) on them.

I would buy this again on Roll20 if it were setup with tokens and maps and whatnot.

Keep in mind, it's a secure PDF, so exporting the character sheets isn't really an option - I'd recomend posting them and the kid rules seperatly for folks that buy the module.

All that said, this thing was spooky and fun. My guys had a blast and are begging for more.

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The Dare
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