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EABA Stuff! v1.0
Publisher: BTRC
by Ross P. Date Added: 04/12/2006 13:42:50

This was the golden supplement I was waiting for for EABA. Very useful when it comes to adapting material from other game settings. If you want to get a sense of how much damage a blaster pistol will do, or how a bear (or even a green hexopod bear) looks in EABA stats, what it takes to blow up your hovercar, or how to (loosely) run a fighter pilot game, this is the book that answers those questions.

Lots of material to absorb, but only used as you need it, when you're designing. Simply a must have if you run (or perhaps even just play) EABA.

Good level of detail in the weapons, vehicles, and creature sections. There is just enough detail to model the nuances of what you might want, while not worrying too much about the differences between the muzzle power of a 9mm pistol vs a 9mm SMG.

The PDF design sheets provided with the download are very good, and make running off a number of related designs a snap.

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EABA Stuff! v1.0
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