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Flames of Freedom: Quickstart – Powered by Zweihander RPG $0.00
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
by John D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/20/2020 23:33:02

This RPG combines two under represented gems - a non D&D low fantasy game and the founding of the United States.

This game is not a historical simulation, which is fine because that is not the goal. The goal is to have fun playing an RPG with your friends. Historical simulations tend to make bad RPGs unless you're the kind of player who enjoys PC death during character creation as Susan lives to the ripe old age of "Died in Childbirth", or James who died of the pox at age 2.

The system is the Zweihander base system (which is the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Game with the serial numbers filed off). It doesn't have any fantasy races, but the game system tries to make up for that by encouraging differing viewpoints - so your fantasy colonial period winds up looking a lot more like the modern US, ethnically speaking.

As this is a Quickstart set, it has a sample adventure, with sample characters and the basic rules. Given that the product is free, I'd consider this a good addition to any gamer's library. It makes for a good single adventure to either to demo to your group or at a convention (when those start back up).

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Flames of Freedom: Quickstart – Powered by Zweihander RPG
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