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Publisher: Hari Ragat Games
by Bob V. G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/19/2020 19:51:21

For the past few days I have soloed my way through Bone Hoard of the Dancing Horror (DCC). The game system I used to play it was Vivid System (minimalist/generic/cinematic, 108 pages). These two items are for a Game Master and several players. I used six characters and I used a solo engine I have been testing out. On the first day of exploring the underground temple, the characters came to the first problem room. Rags the thief found the trap, but he was not able to disarm it with his tools. He then used his disarm trap spell which came out as a failure (bad roll). This resulted in a loud ringing sound right above them. The group rushed to a better area to fight and were attacked by four tin soldiers. Rags died along with the tin soldiers. The team left the dungeon, buried Rags, and set up camp. On day two they killed more monsters and acquired some spell ingredients (they are very helpful for the magic system). On day three they encountered a nastier monster. It ripped the bones out of the paladin's body. They managed to kill it, exit the dungeon, bury Thom, and set up camp. On the fourth day they encountered another nasty monster. They killed it, but things started getting crazy soon after that. So, since it was the last room (# 25), they decided to make their escape. It was frustrating because they could see the magic item, but they could not get to it. - - So, with Vivid there is no list of spells (though magic is explained) and no list of monsters. I do like how magic is handled and this system is truly universal. The game runs very smoothly and I do recommend it. Give it a try!

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Vivid System
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