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The Spy Game Core Rulebook $20.00
Publisher: Black Cats Gaming
by Michael A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/19/2020 12:44:45

The Spy Game is a great riff on the espionage genre using 5e, with a specific focus on the cinematic and high action found in contemporary action-adventure stories. The rules are familiar to anybody who has played the latest edition of That RPG but they do not require somebody to have experience with that ruleset to grok the system. Character creation is class-based, with each class representing a specialization found in spy teams like The Face, Infiltrator, or Technician, among others. Each class further gains one of three subclasses to allow your PC to focus in further on a specific approach to their given trade. Class features are presented in clear and concise language, and there's some fun flavor text to suggest different ways to go about your tradecraft in game.

As you should probably expect in a game inspired by spy movies, there's rules for equipment (including gadgets) and vehicles (including chases), and there's some cool options for adding a "sneaking around the enemy base" scene ala Metal Gear Solid, making stealth more of a fun back and forth game of cat-and-mouse rather than a single failed check resulting in a fight. The language is inclusive and sensitive to the issues of the real world, which I appreciated, and the art and design is great.

If you are new to RPGs or want way to bring your 5e group into a world of intrigue and danger, I definitely recommend checking this one out!

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The Spy Game Core Rulebook
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