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Stellar Wind Pay What You Want
Publisher: Higher Dimension Games
by Erathoniel W. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 05/05/2011 18:37:40

Being a bad, bad man, I somehow let this slip behind in my review list.

Which is a shame, since I love it. It has a lot of what I like in a game. A nice concrete rule system is bolstered by an admission that play should be play. Add in lots of sci-fi in the style I grew up reading, and you've got something I can't really find anything against.

It even manages to avoid all of my pet peeves with typesetting and art (well, not entirely, but if I can write that before thinking about that one image that looks like a few photoshop filters on each other, it's probably good enough), and I love the writing style. A short story that has a little installment at the beginning of each chapter really helps hook the reader in and is useful for providing a break from the numbers. I guess I could gripe about the random character generation, but I've gotten kinda tired about that, and let's be honest, if it's really bad, you can fudge the numbers.

Stellar Wind is a really, really hard game to play (actually, this just applies to the space travel/spaceship part), unless you're willing to fudge the numbers (or guestimate, just pick your euphemism of choice). They fudged the numbers in the core rule, and even with a decent knowledge (well, mediocre, but yeah) of introductory calculus I still have not a clue what a lot of the numbers mean or do, even in the simplified form, though I could probably saw them down if I had time to do it. Still easier than taxes, though. And, if done right, it's rewarding, because it all makes the game a lot more immersive and deep.

Definitely worth a grab for experienced gamers who love Asimov or other similar science fiction, if they won't be too frightened by the math. And don't worry, most of the math could come up as few as two or three times a session, so if you're fine not designing your own spaceships (though there is an additional $5 spreadsheet to automate the process).

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Stellar Wind
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