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Stellar Wind Pay What You Want
Publisher: Higher Dimension Games
by Devon K. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/22/2011 15:10:28

This game has many options for the Hard Scifi fan. The amount of detail in the book is absolutely astounding. If a situation comes up in game, and you're not sure how to handle it, there's likely a description of how to go about resolving it in the book. Character generation is quick and fun, but almost entirely random. While it IS a lot of fun, I would have liked to see rules for a more planned out character generation process. I can easily think of some hacks to make it less random, but it would have been nice to see them in the book. Ship and Planet creation looks like it will take a bit of work. I, for one, would enjoy doing that, I just haven't had a chance to set the time aside and do it. There are a LOT of options for you to custom build what you want. When reading the book, the game seemed more complicated that I believe it actually is, simply because there are some many options for the players to choose from. Character advancement/growth occurs through putting your character in stressful situations. I love that, but really wanted to see an alternate method added in for training up skills. This system appears to do away with XP completely, which is a bonus, as now I can concentrate on the story and have my character get better organically, with all growth tied directly to the story and events that occur in game. As a Hard Scifi fan, this game has a lot of things that make me giddy and revving at the gate to play it.

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Stellar Wind
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