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Interface Zero 1.0 $4.15
Publisher: Gun Metal Games
por NB N. [Featured Reviewer] Fecha en que fue añadido: 04/10/11 19:30:05

Wanna play Shadowrun? Know the Savage Worlds system? Don't wanna learn a new system? Get Interface Zero. This book is every bit as detailed and immersing as Shadowrun, but runs under the Savage Worlds ruleset. That means it is fast, furious, and easy to get into. Don't think that means it's light on worldbuilding. There is a TON of history of the world and information on how things got to be they way they are.

Similar stuff is going to appear in this book as in the above mentioned game, minus trolls I guess. You can be crazy hackers, futuristic weapons gurus, and smarmy face-men looking for the next job. Oh, you can also get mechs. Yeah, mechs. So yeah, I can't wait to run this and see how my players like it. Overall, it takes some time to get through the book at 300 pages, but not hard to get through the mechanics if you've played Savage World before. This is an impressive setting book.

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Interface Zero 1.0
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