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Dark Trails RPG - Bootleg Edition $11.99
Publisher: Stiff Whiskers Press
by wend c. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/19/2020 22:14:34

Bootleg Edition of Dark Trails RPG is well worth the dollars spent. The adventure is playable either as a quick one-shot intro session to the genre using the well-written rules contained within, or as our group is currently playing it, a hard slog through the trails using just a small selection of the MANY encounters within the almost 200 page book, which should take us to level 2 and I imagine, begging for more.

I'm a fan of paying for the PDF, testing the waters and if it stacks up, I grab a physical copy too... if I'm not too cash strapped at the time. Many times I have paid for PDF plus full-priced physical just to support the author/s and I'd not hesitate to do the same for this. Mind you, I've also jumped right in with the late backed Kickstarter and will be waiting patiently by the trail for the pony express to drop off my full stand-alone Dark Trails RPG tomes (600 pages, what more could it contain??!!), plus all and any add-on adventures and also some swag for the players who take up the reins... and shirts, I'd proudly wear!

I support this product FULLY and have been a David Baity fan since the awesome 'Carnival of the Damned' DCC RPG adventure (which again has more encounters than you'll ever need)! As a comparison, I own Call of Cthulhu Down Darker Trails and have played Deadlands Weird West and I have way more fun and feel more comfortable with the DCC RPG family of products.

PDF: Have not found any issues with the product, it is well organised and quality is A+! Physical: Will let you know. Last Word: I was not coerced or plied with booze to write this review and am of sound mind and body! I think! :)

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Dark Trails RPG - Bootleg Edition
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