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The Genius Guide to Mystic Godlings $3.99
Publisher: Rogue Genius Games
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/31/2011 09:21:50

The first Genius Guide to the Godling allowed PCs to build potent PCs that encompassed gods who used their wits or brute. Super Genius Games has now followed up this book with the Genius Guide to the Mystic Godling, which introduced magical godlings to your players.

Mystic Godling allows players to eventually become magical Gods. Like the Genius Guide to the Godling, the Mystic Godling is really two classes. The Adept Godling allows players to build utilitarian spellcasters with specialties in both skills and magic. The Eldritch spell caster allows players to build powerful casters. When the players choose Mystic Godling, they may choose the character to be either Arcane or Divine.

Unlike the Godling class, the Mystic Godling really amps up the power of the class. Both the Adept and Mystic classes have special additional spell abilities. They are more resistant to dispel, may pick any attribute as their spell attribute and do not need to make concentration checks to cast spells. These abilities balance the small amount of spells both casters have. The Mystic Godling has magical traits that give them abilities that hint at the type of god they may become. They also receive a clerical domain, but at a later level than the previous book. Scions are nixed for the Mystic Godling, though you can take a special feat to obtain them. Instead, both classes receive Ascendancies.

However, the same gripes with the Godling Class can be relayed onto the Mystic Godlinig. The limited amount of Ascendancy abilities are almost comical. There are only three major ascendancies to choose from, which really limit player choice. The talents are much better than the Godling, but still need 2 or 3 more to provide a good amount of variety. Another major problem with the Mystic Godling is the spell attribute selection. It screams min/maxer. If you do not pick one of physical attributes, preferably Dex or Con, you are depowering the class. Also, the Adept class at lower levels does not feel too different from the Eldritch Class.

For the Player I love this class for newbie spell casting players. It feels good to have to mention defensive spellcasting and go over all of the tricks of Spellcraft. The cool thing is, is that

For the Dungeon Master I liked this class at high levels for DMs. It takes a few tricks out of the PCs arsenal when they try to fight a powerful spellcaster.

The Iron Word The Genius Guide to Mystic Godling will fit a unique campaign that allows the class to be apart of the major plotline. It provides a different feel for the spellcaster. The casters can become quite powerful, but not enough so where it would ruin a campaign.

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The Genius Guide to Mystic Godlings
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