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Dark Trails RPG - Bootleg Edition $11.99
Publisher: Stiff Whiskers Press
by William H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/07/2020 21:23:14

Ever wondered what a Shadows Over Brimson board game would be like as an RPG, and using best the (and maybe your favorite) system DCC. Well, fret no more Dark Trails is now created and you can still late back it which I did. I am glad I did. I was unaware of this while it was running on KS, but I immediately 'got it' once I knew about it. I then found myself a game and played it. I am glad I did. That really is the best way you'll know if you want this game or not.

Go find a game, such as on the DCC discord to play a game and try it out. If it suits you, and you like the DCC system, like I do, then you should get it, but what if you don't and want to use some other system. Well there is another Chaosium Weird West product on Drive Thru I noticed and I thought about getting it simply for the fact it is a) CoC based in its conception and mythos aspects and thus potentially related and useful to any CoC based setting, especially one set in the Old West or Weird West. As a reference material then this book also serves a function.

All that aside, things I immediately liked and noticed was the Civil War is over but it is not really ended in that the South remains and I like that for a fictional setting, then add in some zombies which if anyone has played another Old West game involving zombies seems reminescent, but I don't play that right now so including that type of thing in this game I found very, well, Inclusive and Diversity of them. Diversity is Our Strength don't you know so that means Zombies and all manner of living death awaits you.

I like that the game incorporates the use of Play Cards and it mechanically is useful then to have a deck of cards lying around.

Poker Chips and of course the DCC funky dice are incorporated too. I like that Poker Chips are Boons and that one thing is different than other DCC games. Boons you earn by rolling a 20. I rolled two 20's during my game. I started with one Boon so I had a total of 3 in my game. I really liked it as it is sort of like a Hero Point from Mutants and Masterminds or some other game that uses a similar mechanic.

Essentially it is the DCC system but some small differneces, like how it uses Boons, and something called the Paths System instead of alignment. The same basic stats are used but also something called Grit which is like your Mythos related Willpower/Sanity.

The character concepts / classes, I love. It is again, like Shaodw Over Brimstone. There is a Gambler class, but it is not exact such as there are the Luchador, and not something like a Bandito. I played a Revator, and you can play an Occultist and Mysthic Monk like in the TV Show Kung Fu, and I'm sure if you wanted your Gunfighter to be a Mexican Bantio called El Guapo you could. I wish they had special rounds for the Gunfighter, like they could produce Blazing Hot Bullets or some other fire-related name as a class ability, but no, yet, that doesn't stop the GM coming up with special items or some way to incorporate that. Instead the Gunfighter can 'fan' their gun to gain multiple shots.

There are also characters which seem Steam punk and mad scientisty in nature so the characters are very cool and some more unique than others but the ones that are not unique to Dark Trails, like a Gun Fighter obviously fit into this setting how they build the class and it works very well together.

I can see myself using this setting and maybe they find a Mine and maybe in the Mine they find all manner of dark evil in there and portals to other worlds and dimensions, and maybe Fantasy or Post Apoc or Sci-Fi based characters can be met (i.e. I can use my XCC, DCC, MCC and Starcawl materials) so this game fits perfectly with all that stuff, and could easily make a good referene for someone not playing DCC who just wants ideas and material for a Weird West type sourcebook, and one with a healthy does of Mythos related things, but it is not Call of Cthulhu per se. It is clearly a DCC based game and the same Crawl type of experience you probably love and expect from a Goodman related product line.

Other details I loved about the product: Amazing cover art. If you print the pdf it will come out perfectly aligned double sided. Has a good index.

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Dark Trails RPG - Bootleg Edition
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