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This is Andre Faucher on behalf of Gamer's Haven Podcast. The next installment in the Alien Modules (AM3) for the Traveller system, this book obviously takes a look at the Darrians race which I had heard very little of. The book offers a lot for those who are interested in the Alien Module series, including a giant swath of new ships, guns, and culture.

First, this book offers a lot of information as it is almost as long as the core Traveller book. It gives information to run an entire campaign based around this alien race, and even has a section on how to develop a Darrian accent which adds a new level of immersion. Second, Darrians are fleshed out to the point of the other races offered in the Alien Module series which is good for those who want to be able to get further in depth of the illustrious Traveller series. Finally, AM3 includes a vast new array of random generation tables, of which I am a fan, that can be used in any setting with just a little bit of adjustment.

However, there are a couple drawbacks. First, as with all of the AM series, the books are expensive being a total of few dollars cheaper than the main book itself. For those who are on a tight gaming budget, this is a significant investment and should not be bought on a spontaneous whim. Next, the book has a narrow focus, much like all of the AM series, and if you are interested in including them, with the amount of reading that the GM/player will have to do, it had better be a pretty big part of the campaign.

The question comes down to is this worth its money? The answer is yet another depends. If you are fascinated by the Darrians and want to include them in a pivotal role in the upcoming campaign, then yes. This book will easily earn its money and give you plenty more. If you are only casually interested in the Darrians, then the investment of money and time would be probably better put somewhere else. If you love the AM series, than this will be another great installment.

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Alien Module 3: Darrians
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