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The Resurrectionists (Vampire: The Requiem)
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Publisher: White Wolf
by Adrian S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/23/2011 00:51:23

'The Resurrectionists' offers a neat mystery that is well-situated in the Vampire mythos - the authors have clearly thought about how to make this vampire-specific. The scenes are suitably robust to handle a number of player reactions and the core morality of the vampiric condition is brought into play a number of times - which will lead to choices that appear easy on the surface, but have much deeper ramifications. The plot builds at a good pace and introduces a range of interesting encounters and NPCs. There is certainly scope to build on the events and create a mini-chronicle from the players choices in this SAS. On the whole, I have a high opinion of the SAS product line, even more so when one considers that whilst this is written for the nWoD, Old World of Darkness fans (like me) can still find value in them.

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The Resurrectionists (Vampire: The Requiem)
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