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Misguided Ambitions - An Introduction to Earthdawn Third Edition $0.00
Publisher: FASA
by Adrian S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/23/2011 00:34:46

Earthdawn is a great change of pace if you’ve played in the ‘traditional fantasy realm’ for a while. Barsaive is a place that has been in hiding for hundreds of years as the prophecy of the Horrors came to pass. As these titanic creatures of malice and despair broke into Barsaive, the people constructed huge Kaers, warded cities that would withstand the Horrors and their age of darkness. Now, many of the wards have crumbled, and visitors from other Kaers bring word that the world is changed. It’s time to venture forth and explore the world.

Earthdawn offers a very different play experience and host of new races and classes, from the flamboyant, swashbuckling T’Skrang Lizardfolk, to the dimunitive Windlings, the inscrutable Obsidimen and the powerful Troll Skyraiders. The world is comprehensively detailed and diverges from a lot of the fantasy tropes, whilst retaining enough of them to be recognisable.

‘Misguided Ambitions’ is a solid piece of writing that offers basic rules, a short adventure and five pre-generated characters ready to play. The idea is simple – read 38 pages, hand out the characters and prepare for a night’s entertainment. The module does well in showcasing some of the unique aspects of Earthdawn, and the characters are drawn from some of the new races and classes, giving players a chance to run a very different character.

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Misguided Ambitions - An Introduction to Earthdawn Third Edition
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