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Dark Trails RPG - Bootleg Edition $11.99
Publisher: Stiff Whiskers Press
by Ryan C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/26/2020 14:03:54

I stumbled upon this little nugget while looking for something new to run for our online group back in June. Before I write more you should know that you can still back the KS that's due out by end of the year. I did some searching to learn more about the system and found out I could still back through their FB group. I backed it to get the free copy of this Bootleg along with the character sheets (quite a few other stretch goals too).

Dark Trails might not be your kind of system, but we have had a blast running through the adventure over the last several weeks. Weird west isn't our regular groove, so I don't think we'll be running a campaign anytime soon, but we have really had some fun over the sessions I've ran. The system is easy to pick up if you have any DCC experience, but two of my players don't but they had a decent grasp of the rules after the 1st session (though they're well-versed in RPGs to be fair). I could definitely see us going back to the game in between breaks of our 5e campaign, plus one of our guys just ordered a luchador mask, lol!

I think the classes are the strength of the game. It look us a while to level everyone up just because everyone had a hard time choosing what to play. We like the gun deck, and the Boons and Hexes mechanic help you get into the spirit of things.

If I had to ding it for anything I'd say I just wish it included the full version of the classes and more spells. The book is already at 190+ pages, so I guess size was an issue. Also, maybe some examples would be nice for the rules? It would be really cool to see this ported over to 5e!

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Dark Trails RPG - Bootleg Edition
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