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ALIEN RPG Core Rulebook
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Publisher: Free League Publishing
by William L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/22/2020 18:47:39

I played this game last year at Gen Con. It didn't disappoint. The GM knew the rules very well and was able to explain everything thoroughly so we were able to get a true sense of the game. The dice pools are fun and dramatic and there were some definite disasters with the stress die. When the action started, the rules and skill checks kept things at a great pace. I really liked the ally/adversary aspect. It really adds a lot to the RP and how players approach different situations. No one at the table realized that one of the company suits had sat down to play, not even the GM. It was great to see a developer get involved like that and recognize a guy who was being the salesman to "sell" their product. I've played a lot of demo games at Gen Con and the GM can make or break an on the fence decision to buy the game. I was skeptical though. A huge 400 page book for a story that I thought had largely been told. What, if any, kind of campaign was their available. Thet is where the gem of the RPG is located, in the setting. The developers created a rich setting to have a proper campaign. The story didn't finished with a mushroom cloud on LV-426....not by a long shot, although I bet your players might wish it so. Space commies, evil corporations, space goo and horrible blood thirsty aliens is enough content for any proper campaign. The first written adventure, Chariot of the Gods is a fine taste of what horrors await any crew. I highly recommend this RPG. Superbly written, well polished and detailed. I can think of few other books that offer such content for price. If your a fan of the Alien franchise, well you probably already have this or should get it. I will definitely look forward to future releases, and playing this with my group.

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ALIEN RPG Core Rulebook
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