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Dark Trails RPG - Bootleg Edition $11.99
Publisher: Stiff Whiskers Press
by Lucas G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/20/2020 22:21:55

I was lucky enough to play in one of the sessions for this game during the online Con Goodman Games hosted several weeks ago. The author was kind enough to give free codes to Dark Trails judges to hand out to their players to better help the flow of the session (more eyes on the rules, less stress on the judge). I had a blast playing the game (lots of laughs and creepy encounters). I'm relatively new to DCC, but so glad a friend convinced me to try it! I've always loved weird west games, so Dark Trails definitely was a must try during the convention! You won't find a better group of gamers than you do within the DCC community

It's taken me a few weeks to have time to go through the Bootleg (it's beefy), but now that I have I can say I'm really excited at the potential for the world the author has created. The classes are really cool and some of the mechanics really help give the game a western feel with the gun deck probably being my favorite.

I liked it enough to back it tonight, so I'm putting my money where my mouth is!

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Dark Trails RPG - Bootleg Edition
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