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ALIEN RPG Core Rulebook
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Publisher: Free League Publishing
by Joe A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/19/2020 03:41:15

Finnished our first story of a 'space truckers' sandnox campaign. I loved the 'stress and panic' mechanic, the way mounting fear pushed characters to both exceede their normal limits but face the growing threat of simply loosing it due to the terror really added atmosphere and added a whole new layer of tension to violent confrontations. The damage and critical system is satisfyingly brutal it has enough rules crunch to be nasty without bogging down.

IF i where to pick one minor critisim its that the rulebook prizes asthetics over readability. It drips atmosphere and certainly suits the vibe of the game but its not one tI found easiy to flip through to find stuff untill I already already have a fair idea where to look. This was a sufficently minor problem for me that I didnt drop it a star, but others may find it harder.

All in all an excellent game.

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ALIEN RPG Core Rulebook
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