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by Kevin S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/19/2020 13:24:12

The lack of consistency througout this document and the fact that most of the concepts are either rehashes (of older edition ideas) or poorly thought out additions makes me regret this purchase.

Starting with the fact that not every class is mentioned in the "Classic XP" table. Sorcerers/Monks/Warlocks are missing, assuming that wizards are the equivelant for this table is fine. But that would mean that they are equal in power in this system (which they are not). This problem is amplified if we include the fact that bards, who are considered by most a top tier class in DnD 5e, are the fastest to reach level 10.

Now what you should have gained from this fact is that the game stops at level 10, which is fine, actually I like the concept of doing that. However, it is ridiculously unbalanced if you do not restructure classes or at least pose the idea of doing so to upcoming players and gm's. A bard for example gets the following at level 10: Bardic Inspiration (d10), Expertise, Magical Secrets. Whilst a Barbarian gets a social feature from their subclass :).

Some other examples that make it clear this was not designed for 5e whatsoever: Agreed initiative and the idea to remove a layered action system without any support for a way to translate these concepts (bonus actions, reactions and readied actions). The Injured concept and its implication for characters that prioritize dexterity for armor class instead of heavy armor and the slog that combat becomes if heroes start rolling on average 4 lower on their to hits (if healing is not readily available which it will never be under these rules). Another complication is to make unskilled and skilled a concept bigger than proficiency but also remove the modifiers. On a d20 system this makes it the case that there will be even more varience between characters and possible things that characters can do. A better solution is to not make it based on varience in a drastic way, but determine if an unskilled character should even be allowed to attempt the check/task.

In theory I could tackle all of the other rules and concepts that rubbed me the wrong way in this product. But my biggest point is allready discussed, I might come back to this review later. Especially if the author willing to entertain a discussion on this product. I think the philisophy behind a "hardcore mode" could very well be entertaining and a fresh experience of 5th edition. However, in my opinion, this product fails to deliver on that notice.

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