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Wally DM's Journal of Puzzle Encounters $4.99
Publisher: Wally DM
by Jose N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/14/2020 16:16:49

If you are either a DM looking for creativity for your games, a WallyDM fan or just someone who really enjoys puzzles, this is the book for you! Guaranteed to provide unique, challenging and fun events to spice up your DnD sessions The puzzles in this book can easily by adapted to every situation and provide unique ways to challenge the PCs abilities and players creativity. (Puzzles are not always meant to be used against the Players, they can be used to make certain PCs shine or provide diferent ways outside of combat to overcome a certain challenge!

If you enjoy what you see in the book and have not yet seen Wally's channel, please consider doing you, you will find many other puzzles as well as other videos like Character Creation, Traps, Background stories and many others! Also, join the discord community to find even more ideas and suggestions for your sessions and also meet many amazing people eager to help and chat!... Who knows, maybe you can also have a puzzle of your own featured in the channel or some Artwork/ideas in future WallyDM projects!

In short: If you enjoy the book, consider supporting the person who dedicated many years of hard worked and poured his heart and soul making this and everything around it possible!

Wally, you are very creative and dedicated person! That makes you an excelent DM, Content Creator and above all...a Great Friend!

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Wally DM's Journal of Puzzle Encounters
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