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Buck-A-Batch: Magic Wear II $1.00
Publisher: Creation's Edge Games
by Sarah P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/22/2004 00:00:00

This PDF includes such gems as Spell-right Hats for the 8 schools of magic, 4 Elemental Robes, 5 elemenal damage gloves, class Cloaks (10, plus a Monk's Robe, which is called a Monk's Cloak in the main text), and an assortment of Quivers and Scabbars. The quivers and scabbards aren't so bad, as I've come to expect copy-and-paste items in these products.

I dislike how the class cloaks give +3 bonuses to charisma when deal with -class- of the same alignment, but then, I'm one of those who tends to automatically say no to odd stat bonuses. The other abilities of the class cloaks are appropriate, but I'm not sure how balanced with each other they are (clerics: +1 to the total of any healing spells; druid: +10 to hide in a forest [not any natural surroundings, just forest]; barbarian: AC penalty during rage negated; bard: one additional use of bardic knowledge per day; fighter: +2 to all saves; etc). The paladin's cloak also mentions that they get a +3 bonus to paladins of the same alignment. I suppose this is useful in campaigns with variant paladins, but it jars me as sloppy all the same.

I despise the Portable Store Backpack. I suppose that means I shouldn't include it in my game, but the statement stands. For twice the cost in the PHB, characters can buy whatever they need out of the backpack (paraphrasing). The DM can decide that the "store" is closed, and in that case, the backpack won't open, or will eat their money, like a vending machine.

I don't think the Spell-right Hats improve your writing skills, and as for the word "doff," I do not think that words means what they think it means. These items also give odd ability adjustments, this time in the form of a -1 penalty.

I wasn't impressed.

To end on a positive note, the Decoy Cloak, the Rope Belt and Sword Belt, and the Two-Way Pouch were fun ideas.

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Buck-A-Batch: Magic Wear II
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