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Star Trek Adventures: Klingon Core Rulebook $19.99
Publisher: Modiphius
by Paul H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/09/2020 01:46:29

I got this book the day it came out and read it all, but not had a chance to play though the adventure that came with it. So please keep in mind this is a first look at it.

There is nothing more Star Trek that a good Klingon. This version of Star Trek Adventures (STA) lets you go embrace the Klingon Empire! It’s basically the same rule set as STA with some slight changes to fit the new focus on Klingons. There is a massive improvement across all the rules in that they now come with flow charts (I guess you would call’em) and better descriptions to clarify how they are meant to work. Personally, I felt that was a problem with the original STA book, so I hope this improvement carries onto that book in the next version.

The biggest rule changes I can see is that there is an alternative reputation system to match the focus, with a small PDF on how to use the rules for the cowards in Starfleet. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but it is indeed interesting Personally, I do like tables for backstory (such as rolling for career events) and you get some to design your House. Determining Age (e.g. old and proud, or new and brash), Legacy (what you are good at e.g. engineering, leadership), temperament (Hot/tempered, stoic etc). They provide some values, talent ideas, etc. Considering how much family and honor is to the narrative of the Klingon its an important and interesting addition. The fact that the houses are not static and can also advance overtime give it a nice Game of Thrones-esque vibe if you want to get all the NPCs from the same house and try glorify your house.

Most of the differences in this book from the previous books is the change in narrative means we get a more detailed view of the galaxy from the Klingon perspective. Also as a YMMV bit, I do prefer that most of the info is provided as actual text and not in game narratives/documents. I personally like this balance more than the other core book, but I know at least one of players will not. Production values 5/5 as always for the star trek RPG again coming with no background and colored/textured background

Overall 4/5. Not because the new rules are better but they are refocused where needed and clearer, but then with rules its YMMV, what stops it being a bit better in my PoV is that much like with the FFG Star Wars games, I am unconvinced it need a whole new rule book rather than a splat book. But still an interesting book if you like the Empire(!) and want a more focused experience rather than being a Klingon in a Starfleet game.

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Star Trek Adventures: Klingon Core Rulebook
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