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Little Fears Nightmare Edition
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Publisher: FunSizedGames
by Christina M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/27/2011 21:08:17

I love this game! The system is simple but allows so much freedom and imagination. The creator's writing style is easy to understand while giving so much flavour to the entire genre. This is a place where the monsters of Grimms Fairy tales, Jim Henson's "The Storyteller", and creepy things of local legends can all come to life. You and your friends get to play the kids who are the only ones who can fight and defeat these horrors. The world created here is rich and full with a lot of room for your own imagination.

This game is good for seasoned RPers as well as first timers. You just need to be aware that this game is much less structured than many other RPGs. So a lot of the "munchkin policing" needs to be done by the players and the GM.

The fact that the creator had the foresight to include "cheat sheets" at the end of the book for quick reference is pretty awesome as well.

The modules for this game, called "Campfire Tales," are great too. A great springboard to get the dice, and creative juices flowing.

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Little Fears Nightmare Edition
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