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Dark Dungeons X Pay What You Want
Publisher: Gurbintroll Games
by Frank W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/11/2020 18:39:14

What an exquisite document. Congratulations on being in print/pdf for 10 years and having accomplished so much in the decade that has elapsed. I can’t begin to share how immensely helpful this book has come to be for me. I never had access to the original growing up as a kid and this TOME (all 400+ glorious pages of it) has bridged a gap in my gaming knowledge and understanding of this game (nay life experience) that has been a part of my being for going on 30+ years now. I only hope these words do your work a small service. The layout is impeccable, well designed, carefully laid out, and presented in such a fashion as to highlight the content and make it both more enjoyable and more accessible to the reader. The liberal use of examples and developer commentary sprinkled throughout adds immensely to the readers understanding of how/why you designed this game as you did, but also provides contextual clues to develop a greater understanding of in-game strategies, concepts, and stratagems. A fantastic, thorough table of contents and index allow numerous ways to locate frequently used information (not to mention being a fully searchable pdf). Numerous charts and tables add value to help understand key concepts and ideas. My only criticism, and I hate to share this at the end, hoping it won't overly detract from the awesomeness of your work, is that it could have only benefited from more pictures (even if they did belong to the public domain). It is entirely clear you spent every bit of 9 months and 500 hours creating this labor of love. Thank you for your dedication, perseverance, and hard work, in your willingness to sacrifice to offer the gaming community this hefty contribution and here is to many successes I hope you have in your game design future!

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Dark Dungeons X
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