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Mystic Empyrean Preview Game
Publisher: Level 99 Games
by Adam S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/19/2011 10:28:58

Having done plenty of homebrews and unpublished games I understand how difficult it is to put things into production. That being said, this preview is phenomenal and stunning. The art work is out of this world and the picture perfect layout feeds those hungry eyes in this day of lazy producers. The system itself is very interesting and one that everyone should look at. It involves using d10's and a d20 to determine skill adequacy. It is very easy to see where this system drew influence, drawing mostly from Exalted and Dungeons and Dragons in system similarities. One of my few problems with this book, which may be fixed in the full version, is the fact that it never tells you how to determine your target number for skills. It makes it seem as though the person functioning as GM must come up with a number off the top of their heads. This constant shuffling of calling out target numbers is mentally exhausting and wore out it's welcome fast. My suggestion would be to put in more tables to illustrate game rules because it is easier for a customer to understand the system if they do not have to peruse the seemingly endless amount of paragraphs. Other than that this is a great system that I loved playing. I recommend this to every single person to play at least once and I know I will be eagerly awaiting the full version, hopefully at a discount (hint hint).

Adam Sawyer Lead Publisher, Stillstead Publishing

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Mystic Empyrean Preview Game
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