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Publisher: Shawn Tomkin
by Mary M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/20/2020 12:44:49

I don't have a ton of time into the game, but what time I do have has been a lot of fun. Over the past couple of months getting groups together has been even more difficult than it usually is anyway, so I haven't gotten to play RPGs like I want to. This completely solves that problem. I can play by myself without too much hassle and I also get more creative control over what happens.

When you build your character and decide what its inciting incident is, you can really set the tone for how your adventure will go. One of my favorite moments in the two sessions I've had so far was when I managed to pass one check and them immediately failed on the follow-up, which ended up resulting in my character swearing another epic vow. And when I managed to fail the roll to actually swear a vow, the complication I ended up with added more flavor and an interesting twist. Starting out, I found it difficult to come up with consequences of roll successes and failures without rolling on the Oracles, but in a short time I have been able to quickly come up with stuff that makes sense and gives me interesting choices that I can't necessarily plan for.

This game is extremely well done and I definitely recommend it to anybody who wants to give solo TTRPG-ing a try when they can't get a group together.

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