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6-Pack Adventures: Battle's End $1.99
Publisher: Postmortem Studios
by Glenn B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/09/2011 10:57:16

Battle’s End - Postmortem Studios

What is it? It’s something Postmortem are calling a “6-Pack Adventure” and to quote from the book itself;

“6-Pack Adventures are ‘pick-up and play’ adventures. They have pregenerated characters, battlemats, tokens, all that just need to be printed out or, in the case of the print version - have the cover taken off to use as the mat and the tokens cut out.”

How much does it cost? The download will cost you the princely sum of £1.75 the print copy will set you back £3.50

What system is it for? Pathfinder.

My thoughts: This public review of role playing products is a little new for me, we all like to read products and then declaim or evangelise wildly to our friends, but to actually go on record and state your thoughts in a public manner? That’s a totally different container of Pisceans. This brings me to the package of RPG goodness I have in front of me, it comes as an electronic download from RPGNow and there’s a print version out there too, available from LULU, I cannot review the actual print edition as it’s a little hard to get it to travel along the broadband link I have.

The story starts in an inn, but let me assure you now, even though there’s a ‘Mysterious Stranger’ in residence it is not that old hackneyed hook that awaits the valorous traveller, the characters are all taking refuge from the cold night in the inn and plan to move on in the morning. The shenanigans continue from there but I won’t go into further details to avoid spoilers.

I like it, it reads like something I might have put together and I think it could generate a reasonable amount of further adventures for a party who run through it. It’s playable with only the core rulebook knowledge of Pathfinder needed over and above the actual 6-Pack. There are a couple of areas that, knowing my players, I’d have to fill in but this will not present a problem to any but the newest of GMs.

No characters ready? No problem the ones at the back of the pack have enough characterisation to get your teeth into, my only complaint with these is I’d like to see the character art all done in the same style, it’s a personal preference more than a real dislike.

A good colour printer will provide the maps and tokens, if you need them.

This pack really does contain everything you need to play a shortish game of Pathfinder; I suspect my group would play through this in about 2 to 3 hours.

The overall rating I’m going to give it is 4.5 out of 5, losing 0.5 to my personal preference for a single art style in a module.

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6-Pack Adventures: Battle's End
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