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[PFRPG] Forgotten Foes $19.95
Publisher: Fat Goblin Games
by Peter I. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/01/2011 14:51:26

Throughout the many different fantasy roleplaying games there are always a small number of foes, adversaries or monsters that stand as 'classic'. This can be for a variety of reasons, be it a memorable battle or a prolonged struggle against the evil machinations of said creatures. Whenever new fantasy roleplaying games and monster books get produced, a number of these 'classic' creatures are left out. This could simply be a matter of space, or otherwise because one person's 'classic' is not the same as another's. Forgotten Foes attempts to address this 'imbalance' for the Pathfinder RPG, by presenting in glorious formatting a whole slew of monsters that didn't make it into the early releases of the Pathfinder RPG. If you're missing some of your favorite creatures to throw at your players, or simply want to find something you've not seen before, Forgotten Foes is a great place to look.

Let me start and say, right from the begining, that this is an excellent and classy product. It's one of those products that really should be on your shelf if you're GM of the Pathfinder RPG. In its 197 pages you'll find more than a hundred classic and new monsters - ones that you've never seen, or ones that you may have forgotten about. For older gamers this product will bring back to the Pathfinder RPG monsters and creatures that will appeal to your nostalgia, while newer gamers will get to see a marvelous collection of innovative and fun creatures to enhance their gaming experience. This book has it all, really - great monsters, fantastic art, wonderful presentation and attention to detail, buckets of new material in the form of spells and monster abilities; and many tables to help you select the most appropriate creature for your play level and terrain location. Presentation and content are both top notch, and the conversion team have managed to capture the true spirit of each monster very well from its original incarnation. Some of the creatures left out of the Pathfinder RPG are now finding their way back into the game.

Example creatures in this product that are now available for the Pathfinder RPG include many classics such as achaierai, blink dogs, flail snails, howlers, skulks, phantom fungi, trappers and many, many more. The monsters in this product complement the existing Pathfinder monsters very well, and boost the arsenal of creatures available to GMs. Each creature comes complete with a converted statistics block, full description of mechanics and ecology, and wonderful art for every single creature in the product. I cannot recommend this product enough - if you're looking for something special or different, or just wondering what happened to classic creatures from earlier editions, this product is for you. An excellent product all round.

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[PFRPG] Forgotten Foes
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