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Blades in the Dark Heist Deck, Print and Play $12.00
Publisher: Shields Up! Publishing
by Leonard Z. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/27/2020 15:51:12

Despite one of the comments on this site about this possibly being incomplete I decided to go ahead and purchase this PDF anyway. Things may have changed since 2017 when that comment was written, and to be clear the PDF is confusing in that it states "For a more complete deck with added content and features, take a look here:" and it provides a link to where the physical deck can be purchased. However, the PDF currently contains 50 Obstacle cards, 40 People cards, and 40 Treasure cards, which is exactly the same number that website lists as being available on the printed deck. There is also a second PDF included with the items that presumably are on the back of the Obstacle cards as modifiers to their corresponding Obstacle card to make that card either easier or harder to deal with as may be needed.

Overall it's a pretty decent deck of things that I feel will be helpful for my own BitD game. The cards are, however, all in black and white. It looks like the physical deck is in color and having that available on the pdf would have been nice. Additionally if the second PDF is meant as card backs for only the Obstacle cards in the first PDF it would have been nice to have them laid out so they exactly match to page and position rather than just to use as a written reference. I would also suggest including all of the cards as graphics files, such as PNG files, to make it easier to pull them out and use them in a VTT program (a big deal in those COVID-19 days, that's for sure!) It is possible to extract the images from a pdf and just grab the cards that way (or to select them and copy them out to a graphics program and save them as individual cards) but those are extra steps. That being said it may be a useful extra income stream for Mr. Shields to just put these together on some of those VTT sites as a purchasable plug-and-play add-on (potentially free or greatly discounted for existing customers, would be nice). Further the image layers on the first fiew pages seem to be set at the top layer making it a lot more difficult to do things like select text to copy and paste out from the PDF.

Overall this deck seems to provide some really good ideas with nice details and explanations on the cards, even if the presentation and execution in PDF leave something to be desired. I personally think it is a bit pricey for print and play, and especially for being wihtout color or the other niceties mentioned earlier, but overall I think it will still be a useful and helpful addition for my gaming.

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Blades in the Dark Heist Deck, Print and Play
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