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ICONS: Hero Pack 1 $10.00 $6.70
Publisher: Ad Infinitum Adventures
by Stephen D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/26/2011 06:42:32

Definitely worth 2 bucks. Dan's artwork has grown on me. (As a decent amateur artist myself, I confess that when I originally saw his work I used to think I could do better. Whether or not that is true, as I said his art has grown on me. It is whimsical, seems to capture for me the spirit of ICONS and at the very least gives you an impression of what the characters might look like.) Tons of characters. Some are obviously better than others (much better), but again for 2 bucks there is more than enough raw material to out right use or modify where needed. Thanks Adamant, ICONS, and Dan for this and all your projects which up till has consistently displayed much more love for the game than for the buck... and as such has produced a lot of bang for the buck. I sing your praises with epitaphs such as "The hands down best beer and pretzels game out there" and "One of the best simple games out there". PROS: cost, breadth of characters, Dan's artwork, bonus characters in back of the book CONS: consistency of creativity of characters (nature of the beast of a fan generated work), some formatting glitches (for example: are all the versus villians... I was unclear. Only a few had villian written under determination)

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ICONS: Hero Pack 1
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