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Courts of the Shadow Fey $7.33
Publisher: Kobold Press
by NB N. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/24/2011 20:17:30

I got the hardcopy of this as part of the beta program. The quality is pretty good. The cover is a nice glossy stock with good color. The pages are black and white, but still printed nicely. The adventure is nice for a paragon 4E group. What I like about it is that it isn't only the typical go here and finish this quest type scenario. They integrate a prestige or social standing system where you gain audience with more important people based on your achievements. It gives a good incentive to do more than just beat people up and to organize skill challenges for social interactions leading to a meeting with the Queen of the Shadow Fey. This is something a bit different than many adventures and there is still plenty of hack and slashing to be done. Overall, a nice supplement.

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Courts of the Shadow Fey
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