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N4 Treasure Hunt (1e)
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Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Jay G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/10/2020 20:04:05

Treasure Hunt is an interesting bit of history. I believe it's the first time someone can up with a treatment for Players (rather than NPCs) as 0 level characters. As such I think this book is actually worth evaluating as two separate and distinct pieces.

The first section is the rules for playing as 0 level characters and working your way up to and defining your role as a 1st level adventurers. This was really innovative at the time and reading it now feels very much like it was the inspiration for the 'Character Funnel' idea from Goodman Games. Personally I think these rules hold up really well and even today feel like a really good way to introduce new players and non-gamers to D&D.

The rest of the book is given over to encounters and short adventures tailored to 0 level characters. These encounters are decent and have a simple yet satisfying narrative thread, getting off the island, to link them together.

I do however have 2 relatively minor criticisms of Treasure Hunt:

  1. The book is light on art work and has a fairly flat visual presentation. It's just unfortunate that a book that was so objectively well written and innovative doesn't pack more of a visual punch.
  2. On a very similar note the character tracking forms and pre-generated characters look like they were produced on a typewritter. Given how new and yet simple the character rules are it's a bit of a let down that they didn't come up with a unique new character sheet with more visual appeal.

Overall Treasure Hunt is both a great piece of gaming history as well as a gaming experience that holds up and plays well to this day.

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N4 Treasure Hunt (1e)
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