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Deadlands Weird Wailin's Soundtrack $15.00 $2.99
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by Adrian S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/19/2011 18:40:43

‘Weird Wailin’s’ presents roughly an hour of Western-themed music that would be appropriate for almost any game in this genre. However, you can definitely hear the ‘weirdness’ in most of the tracks – the use of darker, moodier music and even more ethereal chimes help to define the underlying occult nature of the Deadlands RPG. The tracks are:

01 The Weird West – excellent intro music for a session, it is a riff on ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’. Very enjoyable. 02 Lost Souls – Begins with a voice-over which I’d be tempted to fast-forward through, but then offers a violin tune with some discordant notes in the background. It is a slow, moody piece that could be used for investigation, or even quieter, brooding moments in the story. 03 Ghost Train – Begins with a slow, train-like chug behind high winds, and them moves towards a more rhythmic chugging noise and a eerie train whistle. Finally, the track shifts to a faster piano piece. This would be well-suited to fast travel. 04 Dead Man’s Waltz - Violin and guitar piece with the occasional sound of a deck of cards being shuffled in the background. 05 The Reckoning – Off to a very different start than I’d expected. Guitar and harmonica, in a slow tune, punctuated by wolf howls. It is a sombre, slightly depressing tune. 06 Into the Deadlands – My favourite track– from the tolling of the bells, the light patter of horses hoofs, the cawing of crows and the start of what will soon be a massive thunderstorm leads into a theme that evokes the feeling of heading off on an expedition into the unknown. 07 The Haunted Saloon – A jaunty piano tune, with the sounds of whistling, glasses clinking and general chatter in the background. There are the occasional high chiming noises that could be associated with the unnatural through this track; but I didn’t see the ‘haunted’ part of the title really come through (until the final 30 seconds of the track). Still, this would be exceptionally useful as background noise for any saloon.

Overall, I’d recommend this to anyone with a Western-themed game. The tracks average around eight minutes each, so you won’t need to be changing them too often, and they all (with the exception of Track 02; and possibly Track 07) would work well on a loop. A must for Deadlands Marshalls.

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Deadlands Weird Wailin's Soundtrack
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