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Modern War: Baltic War $4.70
Publisher: Zozer Games
by Michael A. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/01/2020 16:06:07

Baltic War is a well researched supplement for the Cepheus Engine's Modern War, giving fans of games like Twilight 2000 a new game to be excited about. It combines the two primary flashpoints for NATO and the Russian Federation - NATO assumes Russia will invade the three Baltic countries while Russia assumes Western powers will attempt to influence or undermine Belarus. In this supplement, both happen, providing four unique theatres to explore in game.

Due to word count, the supplement appears to leave out some setting assumptions. For example, there is barely any information about naval and air postures during the war. Current studies assume that, due to the heavy militarization and presence of missiles in Kaliningrad, air power and naval movements would be severely limited in the early stages of a Baltic conflict, making this the ground war this supplement describes.

Overall an interesting supplement and a good start to the expanded Modern War line. Definitely recommended to Twilight 2000 fans or military/alternative history fans.

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Modern War: Baltic War
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