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Blades in the Dark Heist Deck, Print and Play $12.00
Publisher: Shields Up! Publishing
by Michael D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/31/2020 06:18:50

I've been playing Blades in the Dark for about a year and recently I started my first game as a GM. The heist deck is a great source since it offers a lot of ideas that fit really well into Doskvol and therefore it makes being a GM much easier.

I especially like that there is an additional document that tells you how to adjust the obstacles (make them more or less difficult).

I recommend buying these PDFs and printing the cards yourself - they perfectly fit in standard card sleeves, so you can actually use it like a normal deck (especially if you use sleeves with different colors).

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Blades in the Dark Heist Deck, Print and Play
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