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Goblin Markets $6.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Adrian S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/14/2011 03:25:54

'Goblin Markets' continues the reputation for high quality that White Wolf has begun in their PDF range. Whilst this is too small to be a sourcebook (but perhaps act as a chapter or two in a book) this suits PDF publishing perfectly. The Goblin Markets are places where illicit materials of all types are available, and the gamut of Court reactions to attending and trading at the markets are well presented. Furthermore, the markets are well developed micro-communities which share a set of Laws covering both vendor and buyer (but with the usual 'caveat emptor' one would expect when dealing with faeries). It expands the idea that each market is a unique location with its own thematic elements, style and mood - and the book does offer a range of examples to kickstart your imagination. These examples are all very different in feel, and it is obvious that the writers have worked hard to convey a level of depth and individuality to each setting. The next section deals primarily with the types of goods able to be purchased or bartered for, and the warehouse of material transcends the purely physical. The section on indulging in Vices was particularly innovative, and can set the scene for some excellent role-playing moments (especially if temptation is a theme for the night's play). Lastly, there is the expected Storyteller section which is good value. There are some sample 'ready-to-run' scenes and some example NPCs that can be dropped into any chronicle. There are also rules for those wishing to run a chronicle with PCs as Market Folk.

Overall, I'd highly recommend this to any Changeling Storyteller (Dreaming or Lost alike) and eagerly look forward to more product support for this limited line.

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Goblin Markets
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