Psionics Unleashed
Publisher: Dreamscarred Press
par Nathan C. [Critique vedette] Date Ajoutée: 12/30/2010 12:34:31

Some people are just naturally inclined to do some things. The creative minions at Dreamscarred Press have proved time and time again that there is no other group of writers on this content that can do Psionics as good as them.

A little history on Dreamscarred Press. Throughout the 3.5 days, they consistently made the psionics writers at WOTC look like amateurs with their own system. Dreamscarred pretty much rewrote the core book and added races and classes that made psionics feel like the alien techno-magic that it is.

It should be no surprise to anyone that Psionics Unleashed, the official psionics book for the Pathfinder system, is a delightfully comprehensive addon to any campaign. It takes all the good psionics rules that were in the previous 3.5 edition, and enhances them with the type of power trip that makes Pathfinder so much fun.

The 231 page book is bloated with every detail you will need to run a psionics campaign, add psionics to your current campaign or create a psionics character. Dreamscarred even gives you a little peek inside the minds of the creators and explains why certain changes were made.

Unleashed does a great job of making sure that everyone knows there is a distinct difference between magic and psionics without making the distinction mechanically cumbersome as in the previous decision. Flavorfully, psionics feels like an alien magic. It opens up a new world of casting where players use mental abilities to enhance themselves and hamper foes. Mechanically, Unleashed nixes pointless skills and rules to make psionic characters compatible and usuable in a normal magic world.

The PDF starts off by presenting psionic races and all the usual suspects are here except the Gith. However, the new lizard like Ophiduans will do nicely in their spot. The book then moves on to classes and you are shown more of the psionics system.

The power point system is intact. However, psionic classes now have abilities they can cast frequently just like other pathfinder races. There are four classes presented in the book. All of which are adaptations of classes from the 3.5 Psionic system. Knowing the extraordinary psionic classes from Dreamscarred products, I was surprised to not find one or two thrown in here. However, the complete reworking of the supermonk Soulknife class suffices enough. Certain to be the most used class, it combines the decent fighting abilities of a monk with a limited amount of psionic powers that can tip the field of battle.

After reworking the way magic skills interact with psionic skills, by making them work the same, Unleashed then introduces the powers themselves. As with its predecessor, the spells feel strange and foreign. The descriptions are written to make the reader feel the supernatural essence that differentiates psionics from magic.

To insure that it is a complete supplement, items, monsters and additional campaign options round out the PDF.

For the Player Psionics is great for players who enjoy being different without being obnoxious. The spell point system feels far more natural than the Vatican spell system that haunts D&D.

For the Dungeon Master This book brings back some emotional memories for me, as my first campaign was a psionics campaign. The efforts to minimize the once overpowering aspect of psionics works well and adds a new dimension to a campaign world.

The Iron Word Psionics Unleashed is the kind of supplement you need to have in your arsenal. You can plan an entire game around around the new mysteries of psionics, or add it to your world when the PCs go to some unknown land.

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Réponse Editeur:
Just a quick note: Psionics Unleashed is not the official psionic system for Pathfinder roleplaying game. Otherwise, thanks for the good review!
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Psionics Unleashed
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