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Eclipse Phase Second Edition $19.99
Publisher: Posthuman Studios LLC
by Michael B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/02/2020 07:05:49

Eclipse Phase has been my favorite RPG since it first appeared. It presents players with a near future in which the human species is only barely outrunning its mistakes. The worst of humanity's faults led us to The Fall, an apocalypse exacerbated by renegade AIs, the TITANs. Billions of people, the vast majority, died. The remaining civilization lives in the rest of the solar system, in space stations or habitats built on asteroids or planets. The Fall ended ten years ago, but terrible risks remain. Humanity remains on the verge of extinction.

Second Edition streamlines the game in a number of ways. Character Creation, which was complicated in the first edition, is much faster now. There are some small changes to the setting, but for the most part, the various setting books produced after the release of first edition are excellent sources of material. Players can find themselves interacting with uplifted whales near the sun or exploring abandoned outposts deep in the Oort cloud at the egde of the solar system. Or venturing through the mysterious Pandora gates to new worlds throughout the galaxy. They'll face opponents who are no longer human, some of them deliberately. They'll face machines left by the TITANs. A terrifying virus that can mutate them into monsters. Vicious lifeforms on alien planets. Or humans with the worst instincts and the most advanced technologies at their disposal.

The default setting assumes player characters have been recruited by a secret organization called Firewall, which exists to protect humanity from the threats that lead to extinction. There are other options. Characters can be gatecrashers, exploring the new worlds available beyond the Pandora gates. Or, they could be criminals, exploiting other survivors. Enterprising GMs will come up with many other options just reading the setting material.

Posthuman Studios publishes under a creative commons license (foilow this link for details: That means you can find much of their work for free. They want you to enjoy their work. So do that if you want. And then come back here and support what they've done by paying for a copy.

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Eclipse Phase Second Edition
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