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Evocative City Sites: Voell's Garden (PFRPG) $2.95
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Dark M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/20/2010 16:52:51

Evocative City Sites: Voell's Garden by Rite Publishing

This product is 27 pages long. It starts with a cover, and credits. (2 pages)

The Garden (7 pages) It starts with a single combined map, then following maps are larger maps of the varies sections of the combined map. Then a IC introduction is spread threw out the rest of the pages of the section with more maps. There is about 4 pages worth of text and the rest taken up by maps. Part of the garden is a maze and it has a sidebar on how to use the maze. Another side bar has a random chart of odd flora that can be encountered in the maze. The garden is controlled by a cult of sorts. The section ends with information about the leader of the cult, bit of a history of the garden, some secrets about whats going on and finally five plot hooks.

NPCs (8 pages) There is three NPC's in this section with full stat blocks. But there is no real history and advice on how to play them, nor any stated goals etc. One of them is called a Fortune Blessed, I am guessing this a template. All the information you need to run the NPC is in the stat block but I am unsure what that came from. My guess is from one of the books listed in the OGL but that’s just a guess.

It finishes with a OGL and blown up maps to be printed out to be used with mini's. One page ad and back cover. (10 pages, 7 pages of maps)

Closing thoughts. I have mixed feelings about this one. On one hand I really liked the garden and thought it was pretty cool. I would have liked some more random tables with the garden though on plants that could be found or maybe even plant monster types. The editing was good, layout was pretty good. Art work was fair to good and the maps where well done. My only real problem was the NPC's. I would have liked more information about them. A short history, advice to RP them. Maybe some motives or goals.

It makes for a interesting location to drop into your campaign but to truly use it, the GM would need to do some prep work on the NPC's. In closing I am giving this one a 3.5 star review. Lots of potential but needs a little work.

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Creator Reply:
I wanted to thank Dark Mistress for taking the time to do a review of our product. Steve Russell Rite Pulishing
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Evocative City Sites: Voell's Garden (PFRPG)
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