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Asturies Medievalia $14.99
Publisher: Nocturnal Media
by Luis G. C. G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/14/2020 16:51:05

So this came as a surprise. Nocturnal translated and published through DriveTruRPG the first supplement for Aquelarre: Asturies Medievalia!. This was also the first one published in spanish, shortly after the Core and Breviarium of the 3rd edition hit the shelves.

Asturias is my homeland, and when it came out I could not be any happier. It was a little softcover of just hundred pages that preceded the bigger hardcovers that would be published in the years to come. As for today, it is already out of stock.

Below you'll find the translated description of the book that apppears in the publisher website. For most of us, spaniards, it should be more than enough, but for most of you, not that versed in the geography, history and culture of the Iberian peninsula, I'd love to add some words. />

Asturias is a little region located in the northern shores of the Iberian peninsula. A green land wedged between the high and sheer mountains and the rocky shores of the Cantabrian. A lush green of pastures and dark forests, thriving in natural and unnatural life, populated by brave men with poor in riches, but wealthy in customs and lore.

After the muslim invasion of the eigth century, that made the visigothic kingdom of Toledo crumble in just a few years, the northern rim of it gave shelter to those fleeing the muslim rule. It was conquered but far from pacified. It was just a matter of years that a rebellion took place and expelled the muslim from that country. Thus, the chieftain Pelayo, destined to be the first king of the new Asturian kingdom, battled them at Covadonga, and crushed a much stronger muslim army with some Heavenly help. Hard to tell history from legend here, and you have a differente theory for each taste about the man and the battle. Anyway, the cross you see in the front of Asturies Medievalia exists; it's the "Cross of the Victory", guarded in the Cathedral of Oviedo. Its golden body is hollow, and keeps the remains of the cross that Virgin Mary gave Pelayo that day.

Over the centuries, the Asturian kingdom, and then the Kingdom of Leon when it crossed the mountains and could secure the land north of the river Duero and moved the capital, slowly (almost eight hundred years slow) drove south the Reconquista (the retaking of the land), the Court left Asturias behind, and Asturias went back to its mellow and sometimes shadowy day to day.

In the times of Aquelarre, Asturias, once shelter and cradle of the christian kingdoms, is a backwater land, not much different from how it was a millenia before, when the Astures battled the roman invader...

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Asturies Medievalia
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