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Publisher: The Roleplay Blog
by Ryan B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/05/2020 09:53:49

The product begins with a highly charged, provacative, line-in-the-sand political and social statement about who should and should not play the game. The very act of sorting people into one's own moral categories and condemning them in such a polarizing way runs counter to the ethic of inclusivity professed by the product. For me, this douses any interest in pursuing this further. I would recommend that the author focus on the positive aspects of their view of inclusivity without expressing such condemnation of their view of what opinions others may hold.

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Creator Reply:
We are of the opinion that authors can only be honest with what people can expect from our work. We want to set the standards early on, so that people who have a problem with some of it might escape early, as you did. I would say it serves its point. Hatred doesn't have any space in inclusivity and must be fought outright.

Sorry it's not your cup of tea and thank you for the frank review and rating!
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The Enderwoods (Free PDF Edition)
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