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Rocks Fall $5.00
Publisher: Chaosium
by Rob D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/25/2020 21:47:04

"a...beautiful 16-page RQG scenario based on the classical notion that there are some trolls and you should kill them." D. Probst.

For me the beauty lies in just how scalable this scenario has been made. It is usable as a mook bash or, as I did the other night, a serious threat to a near rune level party.

It is the ideal introduction to both the prevalence of magic in RQG and to the lethality of the system's combat combat. This makes it a great training one shot for those inducting players from other systems.

It has been written to slot easily into pretty much any setting where you can justify a narrow approach and some tunnels (I was using the Main Ruins in the Big Rubble). Even then the characters and justifications are strong enough to generate plot hooks if they survive; so valuable for an ongoing campaign.

Finally the minis. They're beautifully drawn and will see much re-use.

A versatile little scenario.

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Rocks Fall
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