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The Rose-Bride's Plight (Changeling: The Lost) $6.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Scott R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/08/2010 13:32:32

The Rose Bride's Plight is the second Storyteller Adventure System supplement for Changeling: the Lost. I really wanted to love this book more than I did. It has some great points such as new rules systems, a great supporting cast of storyteller characters and a fine narrative flow that offers many variable scenes depending on what decisions and actions your players take. The scene cards and flowchart greatly reduce prep time and help you think on your feet. The stakes are high, as two Courts are on the verge of a war which the characters can either strive to prevent or even exacerbate it if suits their purposes. There's not a lot of bloodshed unless you go looking for it, but there certainly will be if the characters fail to prevent the war between this particular freehold's Spring and Winter Courts. I appreciate the excellent design and flow of information which makes it easy to read and find what you are after on the fly.

Disappointing thing is that the plot reveal is a bit too easy, being derived from one of the greatest love stories of all time of which the typical Changeling fan would be expected to have familiarity. Plus the scenes are littered with clues which I would eliminate or put up barriers if running the game. You never can be sure; I have had some pretty thick players who need to be bashed over the head with a plot-by-four. The other letdown is the complete lack of original artwork aside from the cover. All of it is good, but all of it has been published elsewhere. The same was true for the first Changeling SAS, The Fear-Maker's Promise, but there was less of it in a shorter publication so it didn’t seem jarring.

The Rose Bride's Plight is filled with little gems and it remains an interesting story despite its familiar tropes; well worth the purchase if you crave a Changeling game with a lot of political maneuvering, a flashy cast and a love story to boost.

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The Rose-Bride's Plight (Changeling: The Lost)
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